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Vive Weight Loss

Individual Plans

No matter how bad you want to fit into those skinny jeans, finding a diet that works with your lifestyle can be tough. But finally, VIVE offers a medical weight loss program that you can actually LIVE with. The following components of the VIVE program are essential factors in a successful weight loss plan.

Each custom VIVE plan consists of:
-A complete body composition analysis
-A diet and exercise plan customized to fit your individual needs and weight loss goals
-A weekly meeting with a VIVE coach to track your progress, monitor results, and offer support

Smart Food Choices

Let’s face it- an empty stomach or unsatisfied appetite is a sure way to diet catastrophe. Not only are the food options from VIVE, of the most pure, organic and healthy derivatives- they are delicious. Being skinny never tasted so good or felt this great! By incorporating patented Wio Meal Replacement Shakes and meal selections into your customized diet plan, you will reset your metabolism and fix your weight problem once and for all- finally putting an end to yo-yo dieting, and being healthier than ever in the process. Following the VIVE protocol will enable you to make smart food choices that will leave you feeling healthy AND full- a sure combination for success.

Medical Support

We all know that with great success, comes great sacrifice and discipline. But we also know that we are all only human, and even the strongest of us need a little help from time to time. At VIVE, we are here to help. A session with your VIVE coach, the support of a medical physician or the use of a unique Wio Food Inhibitor supplement can make all the difference in overcoming your minor struggles or lack of motivation along the way on your roadway to success.

Team Vive

A team is defined as a group of individuals that support each other. Perhaps one of the most important components of your weight loss journey may be the influence and compassion of others walking in your same footsteps. Others, who are on the same journey, sharing your same experiences, and working towards a common goal. TEAM VIVE is a unique concept created based on the idea that through the guidance of health coaches, encouragement of others, and the support of a team- you are destined to SUCCEED!

The benefits of Team Vive include:
-Weekly sessions with your VIVE coach
-Educational seminars
-Discounted fitness classes
-Organized Team VIVE functions and events

TEAM VIVE has the potential to help an individual overcome their challenges, with the power of a team, and support of others on the same journey. Together- you can succeed!