It’s no wonder clients rave about Jenna’s energy and positive attitude.

Read on to see why dance keeps this beauty in good spirits.


I love dancing! It has been an exciting and meaningful part of my life, since I was a little girl. I have found dancing to be a stress reliever for me, a (FUN) form of exercise, and a way to express emotions and appreciate music. When I dance, it is therapeutic for me. It can lighten my mood and make a normally stressful day feel as if life is too short to worry! Not only that, but I can feel an overwhelming calmness after a day of dancing, that extends into other areas of my health; I tend to have more interest in healthier foods, I find more balance in my life, it clears my mind, and I sleep better when I am dancing regularly.

When I dance, I am not only having fun, but I am also getting an amazing cardio workout and improving flexibility. Sometimes I even “jazzercise” and dance while I’m jogging…it makes jogging so much more fun, and really helps you get into the music and get the best from a workout! Most of all, my favorite reason for dancing, is the way that it allows me to express myself to the amazing sound of music. There are so many emotions that music can bring about, more than can be expressed through words alone. Martha Graham once said in reference to dancing, “The body says what words cannot.”

Dancing is not only a beautiful art and an amazing expression of emotions, but can also be an exciting form of entertainment or a new social experience. It is truly beneficial for the mind, body and soul! I would highly recommend to ANYONE who is looking for a new hobby or wanting to switch things up, to try dancing! You won’t regret it!

Written by Jenna Ralston 02.12.14 |