Debbie Earl

A ‘family’ chin inherited from her grandmother and passed down through her Father, Debbie was worried when she started seeing it show up on her own face. “I want to look how I feel’ she says, ‘and I did not want that”. After doing some research on her own she was scared and overwhelmed at the thought of making a change. Fortunately for her, Debbie’s friend let her know about a treatment that was available at Elase.

James Stewart

At 46 years young, James’ life revolves around his family and health. He’s a cyclist and a new triathlete, competing recently in Ironman competitions in Idaho and Oceanside. Born with unstoppable scruff, James found himself shaving and waxing constantly, something that was both time consuming and inconvenient.

Laura Egbert

As so many of us do, Laura was nervous at the thought of aging. She’s had a wonderful, fun filled life, including some time in Miami, where she spent a lot of time on the beach. She actually spent so much time in the sun, she eventually got malignant melanoma. After discovering Elase she decided to get something done about the sun’s harmful effects on her skin, opting for photo-facial treatments.

Maria Raja

After a hard divorce, Maria was looking for a confidence booster – something to empower her to conquer the world with her two boys, and to restore the confidence she felt before the divorce. Then she found Elase! What she likes about Elase is the people, the services, and the treatments.

Loreen Olney

Someone always seemed to asking Loreen why she was mad all the time, but in truth, she never was! She knew it was down to her skin furrowing and that’s when she finally decided to talk to Elase. Loreen had some concerns initially, afraid from all the celebrity mishaps that are depicted in the media, and she wanted to take it slow. On top of that, Loreen had lived in Southern California where she had gotten a lot of sun, and unfortunately, brown spots began to show on her skin. Botox and Laser treatment helped her.

Paige Swenson

Throughout her teenage years, Paige had tried everything to combat her acne. Nothing really worked back then and now she was devastated by the resulting acne scars. She always wore a lot of makeup to hide them and wouldn’t dare going to the pool or places where she had to show her face without makeup.

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