#empoweringyou: Carrie’s Story

Carrie Brinton: My Story

My name is Carrie, and this is my story. I have been an owner of Elase for almost 12 years now. We started this business when I was a young mom, with three small kids. If you’re a mom, you know how difficult it is to leave your kids and go to work everyday. When we started Elase, I made the commitment to myself that if I was going to sacrifice time with my kids to pursue a career, I would always make sure that what I was spending my time on provided value to my family and my community. Twelve years later, I can say with confidence, that Elase has made a difference for our clients, our community and for me and my family.

Over the years, I have come to love the aesthetics industry, not because of the beauty aspect of it, but because of what it can do for our clients, both women and men, to dramatically improve their lives. I have been able to work closely with hundreds of our clients and witness the dramatic change that something as simple as laser hair removal can make in their confidence and the way they approach their day. I have realized, that even though all of our services are purely elective, they can truly be a necessary component in helping people maximizing their potential and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

The #EmpoweringYou campaign is our way of showing you what we experience every day. We want to show you just a few of our clients and employees that have become more confident, more radiant and more amazing because they were able to take care of something that was holding them back. And we want to hear from you. Send us your story and send us your picture. Please tell us your story of how Elase has helped Empower You!

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