Gratitude: A Good Idea All Around

November is the perfect time of year to take a step back and think about all the important things in life. It’s a time to reflect on the many things, great and small, that we have and those things that we all too often take for granted. Being grateful is a virtue that can do so much for our own happiness and also for those with whom we share our lives. Gratitude is a good idea all around.

Why can gratitude do so much for our happiness? When we recognize the good in our lives—the big things and the little things—we feel happy about it. Gratitude is about recognizing what you’ve got and being grateful for it. The more gratitude you have, the happier you’ll be.

Recognize the everyday things

One way to have gratitude and be happy is to recognize the everyday things, the things we take for granted that so often go unnoticed. Nature. Clean water. Electricity. A cozy bed. Air conditioning. Food. A smile. Courtesy. Safety. Freedom. Health. These things are all so important but they often go unnoticed…until you lose them. Think of how grateful you are for everyday health after a week with the flu! When we recognize the everyday things, it’s no longer just about getting the laundry done or achieving objectives at work because it’s also about being safe, free, surrounded by nature, and more.

Be grateful daily

Gratitude is a good idea all around and it’s also a good idea all year round! Why wait until Thanksgiving to be grateful? Making a habit of recognizing the everyday things gives us more to be happy about. Be grateful daily and recognize the everyday things.

Remember the many good things

Another way to have gratitude and be happy is to remember the things in your past that have made you happy. It’s good to feel happy when we get what we want. But why not stretch that happiness out by remembering what we’ve got on an ongoing basis? Remember the happy memories in your life, the cherished moments, the accomplishments, whatever they are for you. These are a part of your life experience you can always be grateful for no matter what the future may bring. Don’t forget them.

Make gratitude an action word

Gratitude is a good idea all around because it not only makes us happy individually, it also makes others happy when we share it. Make gratitude an action word by showing it to those around you. Recognize through your communication and actions the many ways the people around you are forces for good in your life—big and small. People give love, friendship, help, service, sacrifices, emotional support, financial support, gifts, favors, partnerships, and more. Recognize how those around you help you and lift you. Tell them. Show them.

We at Elase are especially grateful for the people around us—for a wonderful staff who are dedicated, friendly, and professional; and for great customers who place their confidence in us. We’re grateful for the opportunity to help our customers change their lives with impactful procedures. Thank you!