It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This holiday season, we held a Sub 4 Santa with Millie’s Princess Foundation for children with cancer and their families. Millie Flamm was a princess to all who knew her. And her spirit continues to touch the lives of kids and families affected by childhood cancer through the financial support and hope given through the foundation. The Millie’s Princess Foundation website, which sports plenty of castles and crowns, says, “BECAUSE CANCER IS A ROYAL PAIN.”

We were lucky to sponsor two sweet families. We hung a wreath with gift tags at each clinic. Our employees then had the opportunity to pick a gift tag and purchase a gift for that child. We wrapped the gifts together and delivered them directly to the families.

The Sub 4 Santa was an incredible experience for all of us! What a great reminder to be mindful of the people around us and the challenges they may be going through. We love the work of Millie’s Princess Foundation and their example in giving support and hope to families going through the toughest of times. This holiday season reminds us we can all be a force for good and lift others through the simple act of giving.