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In March of 2008, Elase changed all the rules. We introduced Utah to the Elase Membership Program and revolutionized the medical aesthetics industry. Since then Elase has created value oriented membership programs for every service and product we offer. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the highest quality, in the most beautiful setting, at the lowest possible price. Many others have tried to duplicate what we do, but nobody has the experience, training and exceptionally high standards that Elase has.

As always, our membership programs do not require down payments, there are no credit checks and no hidden fees. We don’t raise our prices so that we can offer huge discounts. Our promise is that we deliver true value.

All memberships earn you Elase Rewards

Come in for a consultation to see what you will earn and how it can be redeemed.

Premier Membership

Skin Care + Injections + Tattoo Removal

Get the Premier Membership and Save

The Premier Membership is for those clients that are serious about achieving their goals and maintaining radiant skin. This is our most popular membership with the best discounts on all of our services.

Monthly installments are banked in your account and redeemable for Skin Care and Anti-Aging products and services.


Tattoo Removal Memberships

Monthly installments are redeemable for Skin Care & Cosmetic Injection products & services.

Anti-Aging Memberships

Monthly installments are banked in your accounts and are redeemable for Skin Care and Anti-aging products and services.

Hair Removal Memberships

* A one time processing fee of $49 applies to all monthly memberships except weight loss.

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