Botox and Dermal Fillers


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Q: Why should I trust Elase over another company?
A: In today’s market, there are a lot of options out there for laser hair removal, skin care, weight loss and BOTOX. But unfortunately, not all providers are the same. When you trust your appearance, your time and your money to somebody, you should be absolutely positive that they are going to provide you a service that you will be thrilled with. Elase has a proven record of providing the highest quality services, in a beautiful environment at a fair price. We aren’t a fly-by-night Groupon company. We don’t jack up our prices and then barter with you in your consultation. We aren’t a new doctor trying to jump into the cosmetics industry. Everything we do, we do at the highest level of quality possible. That is really why for the last 10 years, Elase has been Utah’s #1 provider of laser hair removal, skin care, weight loss and BOTOX. That is why Elase is one of the Top 25 BOTOX accounts in the United States, the #1 Skin Medica account in Utah, the #1 SkinCeuticals account in Utah and the #1 Medicis account in Utah. And that is why for the last 5 years, we have been voted Utah’s “Best of State”. Just come in for a consultation and you’ll understand right away why Elase is different.*
Q: What is the Elase Membership program?
A: The Elase Membership program is the way that we bring true value to the medical spa industry. Our Anti-aging memberships offer you discounts of 30% off of BOTOX and dermal fillers. There is absolutely no monthly cost to you to be a member. In fact, our membership programs provide an ideal way to budget your treatments so that you can create a comprehensive program that is actually affordable. Elase also offers affordable membership programs for Skin Care, Laser Hair Removal and Vive Weight Loss. See our memberships page to find out details about which membership plan is right for you.*
Q: I want to look younger. What else can you do to help me?

A:Elase values your time and money. We want your investment with Elase to return phenomenal results. Because of that we offer each of our anti-aging clients a complimentary Skin Care Profile. Usually if you are concerned about wrinkles, there are other factors contributing to your frustrations that you may not have considered. There may be things like laser skin rejuvenation that can dramatically add to the youthfulness you are looking for.

During your Skin Care Profile, your esthetician will use the Emage imaging system to conduct an in-depth analysis of your skin. You will see a computerized image detailing your hydration, your pigmentation, the bacteria in your skin, your pore size, the location and depth of your wrinkles and even your lash length. Then we will put together a 6 month plan for you that will include anti-aging, skin care and at home products.*

Q: Why does my injector always recommend products to me?
A: Investing in anti-aging treatments without also investing in the right at-home skin care regiment, is like going to the gym and then stopping for a burger on your way home. Anti-aging and comprehensive skin care go hand in hand when trying to enhance your youthfulness. At-home products help you heal faster, achieve results faster and maintain your results longer. They work hand-in-hand with the exceptional skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments you receive at Elase.*

*Results may vary from person to person, and any claims made on this website are not guaranteed.