Tattoo Removal

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Q: Why should I trust Elase over another company?
A: In today’s market, there are a lot of options out there for laser hair removal, skin care, weight loss and BOTOX. But unfortunately, not all providers are the same. When you trust your appearance, your time and your money to somebody, you should be absolutely positive that they are going to provide you a service that you will be thrilled with. Elase has a proven record of providing the highest quality services, in a beautiful environment at a fair price. We aren’t a fly-by-night Groupon company. We don’t jack up our prices and then barter with you in your consultation. We don’t buy cheap equipment. We don’t rely on a sales rep to train our technicians. Everything we do, we do at the highest level of quality possible. That is really why for the last 10 years, Elase has been Utah’s #1 provider of laser hair removal, skin care, weight loss and BOTOX. That is why Elase is one of the Top 25 BOTOX accounts in the United States, the #1 Skin Medica account in Utah, and the #1 Medicis account in Utah. And that is why for the last 5 years, we have been voted Utah’s “Best of State”. Just come in for a consultation and you’ll understand right away why Elase is different. *
Q: How does Elase ensure my satisfaction?
A: Our Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, Nurses and Master Estheticians are extensively trained at the prestigious National Institute of Medical Aesthetics. All of our laser technicians have a minimum of 300 hours of hands-on laser training prior to treating our clients. Elase also conducts quarterly clinical trainings to ensure that our employees are staying on top of new advances in the industry. For over a decade we have been providing our clients with an exceptional experience every time they come to visit us.*
Q: What can I expect?
A: On average clients will experience 75% clearance after 3 treatments and up to 99% clearance after 6 treatments. Treatment spacing will depend on healing time. Most clients experience only minimal discomfort from treatments and do not require any downtime for healing.*
Q: How many treatments do I need?
A: We tell our clients to plan on 6 treatments.*
Q: What is unique about the PicoWay tattoo removal laser?
A: The success of a tattoo removal laser depends on two things, whether or not the laser can “see” the ink pigmentation and whether or not the light pulse can heat the ink to the point that it will crystalize and be pushed out by your body. The PicoWay laser offers a dual wavelength technology which means it can “see” a broader range of tattoo ink than any other laser on the market. The PicoWay also uses a picosecond delivery system, which means the light is pulsed at the rate of one-billionth of a second. Those super high speeds actually cause a physical change in the structure of the ink, without requiring excessive heat. This all means that you can get better clearance in a more comfortable treatment.*
Q: What is “Ghosting” and how does the PicoWay resolve that?
A: You’ve probably seen it in a lot of before and after photos. Ghosting is the white image of the tattoo that can remain once the ink it gone. Ghosting is caused when extreme temperatures are applied over and over in the attempt to remove the tattoo ink. Because of the picosecond delivery system of the PicoWay, ink is disrupted acoustically rather than thermally. This means that the PicoWay laser can remove the ink faster with less heat and minimal ghosting effect.*